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phpTSMadmin has been developed to help bridge the information that is in Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and present it in a consolidated form.

For example, when you want to look at your storage pools, you can see which nodes have data in their, and what the storage pool parameters are, etc.
Or, you might want to look at the volumes in your library, and figure out which ones to pull out.

It has been designed to be:
  • Multi language aware - currently only English is implemented,
  • Custom templates - so the look and feel can be changed to suite your environment,

phpTSMadmin is hosted on Source Forge, so click here to download the current version.

A daily snapshot is available here, but be warned, it may contain bugs, errors and the like.

phpTSMadmin is still under development. Ideas to make it more useful are very welcome.

For now this is what it can do:
  • Configure multiple TSM servers, login and view the information from each one.
  • Have an activity Gantt chart, showing what has been happening over the last 48 hours,
  • View a summary of client activity,
  • If you have an automated SCSI library, see what volumes are in it, with some status information about the volumes,
  • See an activity Gantt of your scheduled activities, so you can check if there are any clashes,
  • Check out your TSM DB and see how full it is, and what backups you have,
  • Get some detailed information on your storage pools,

We have plans to implement the following:
  • Command line entry, so that TSM commands can be issued to the current TSM Server,
  • Tape movement operations,
  • Activity log analysis
  • Server options display
  • any more! (tell us what you would like to see..)

Project Page
phpTSMadmin is hosted on Source Forge, so click here to go to the project page. Let us know if you are interested in contributing!

Some screenshots
Activity Gantt Client Summary.
Database Information. Library Information.
Scheduled Acitivities Gantt. Storage Pool Information.